Now testing player and match statistics! Search for your stats profile by Steam ID or simply login with Steam. Browse matches or search to find a specific match! Your stats profile includes detailed per hero break down and performance graphs when you login with Steam!
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By Premixedpie - Sep 6th 2012
Site Updates - Sept 6th
  • New landing page.
  • Search page now correctly displays results just like search suggestions if you use a Steam ID to search.
  • New lobby type filter for match browse page.
  • Matches that are not counted in a player's profile stats are now still listed in the match tab and are marked as not counting.
  • You can now favorite matches if you are logged in that will be saved to your profile page.
  • Clicking a hero name on the players page in the "Most Played" section will now auto sort and change to the "Hero Statistics" tab to show additional stats for that hero.
By Premixedpie - Aug 18th 2012
New match and player stats!
Dotaholic has recently been updated with new match and player statistics! We now have detailed statistics for every public match and each player. Check it out by using the search to find your profile using your Steam ID (help) or login with Steam. We are still improving and testing at this point and we may have some bugs but most features are working. Main Features:
  • Detailed match stats (Including bot games) with more information then available in game including hero damage, tower damage, total gold earned, averages and much more.
  • Comprehensive player stats with full sortable, filterable and searchable match list, easily find a specific match you played.
  • Each player has detailed per hero statistics, weekly performance chart, list of people you commonly play with, top heroes, total accumulative stats and more.
  • Easy to use search from any page, search by player name, Steam IDs or quickly jump to a match by entering a match ID.
  • Share your private stats with other people by getting a custom link from your profile page.
We also have some smaller cool features such as extensive table filtering including per column which you can use by right clicking a column. This allows you filter things like your match history down to something like all the matches played by one hero, or hero stats down to ones with >50% win rate etc.

You can also filter all your stats down to a time frame using the URL variable "from" and "to" such as: /from/3 weeks ago or more exact using dates /from/1-1-2012/to/1-2-2012

If you have any suggestions, find any bugs or stuff missing feel free to contact us!

Latest Changes:
  • Fixed cosmetic items not saving dates for first seen and updates between patches. Fixes the newest additions and newest updated tab for cosmetic items not being ordered correctly after a new patch.
  • Cosmetic items now have an in store field, allowing you to filter by there availability to be purchased in the store or not.
  • Removed all default cosmetic items from the database.
  • Fixed some bugs with Steam login.
  • Load speed improvements on account profile pages.
  • Load speed and resource usage improvements on player profiles for generating stats, most notable for players with >1000 matches.
  • Added new records on profile pages for hero damage, hero healing, tower damage and game length.
  • Fixed avatar border colors on match pages to correctly correspond with player Steam status of offline, online or in-game.
By Premixedpie - Jul 2nd 2012
Lastest Site Changes - July 1st
  • Made improvements to guide loading speed for guides with lots of npc/hero/item/ability links.
  • Cosmetic item pages now have a "Bundled In" tab that lists which bundles the item is in.
  • Cosmetic item pages now have a "Looted From" tab that lists which crate the item can drop from.
  • Cosmetic items are now properly colored by there quality in the search suggestions drop-down.
  • The guide page hero slider will now move with ability levels to provide a clearer representation of the stats on the hero tooltip.
  • Heroes on guide pages with active abilities that buff their stats now have an "Activate" link that will apply the bonuses from that ability to the hero. Not all abilities support this yet but we are working on adding the remaining.
  • Fixed some bugs with damage and move speed % calculations with abilities and items.
  • Physical armor % damage reduction calculations should now match in-game values.
  • Fixed a problem with the data parsers that caused a couple items and abilities to be missing effect text.
  • Many minor usability improvements and bug fixes.
  • % of max health regen is now supported for guide stat modifying. (Healing Ward/Heart of Tarrasque)