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Dota 2 Cheat Commands

Here is a list of some of the more common cheat/console commands that can be used in a private game that has cheats enabled. All commands are entered as if you wanted to send a message to other players (ENTER by default).


-lvlup [value]

Usage: -lvlup 10
Increases level by [value]. Capped at 25. Does not accept negative values.

-gold [value]

Usage: -gold 1000
Increases your gold by [value]. Positive and negative values are allowed. Max gold is 16383.

-item [item]

Usage: -item item_ultimate_scepter Gives your hero [item]. Item IDs can be found on item pages under Extra Information.


Respawns your hero at the fountain.


Resets all cooldowns and HP/Mana.



Skips count down timer and spawns the first creep wave.


Removes all cooldowns and mana costs from all units.


Undo the -wtf command.


Briefly displays the current state of all heroes and bots.


Briefly displays your current ping and packet loss in the top right corner of your screen.

-createhero [unitname] [enemy]

Creates [unitname] at your mouse cursor position. Heroes will be taken control by an idle bot. Hero IDs can be found on hero pages under Extra Information.


-levelbots [value]

Levels all bots by [value].

-givebots [item]

Gives [item] to all bots.
Item IDs can be found on item pages under Extra Information.



Spawns all neutral creeps. Does not respawn Roshan.


Spawns a wave of creeps. The server will disconnect you if there are to many creeps out at once.


Disables the spawning of creep waves.


Enables the spawning of creep waves.



Grants vision of all Radiant and Dire units.


Grants normal vision of only your teams units.


Removes all Observer Wards from the map.


Removes all wards from the map.