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This page allows you to write/build a new guide. You can test it out without an account but in order to save/submit a new guide you will need to have an account. Please note that new guides can take up to 30 minutes to fully propagate through out the site but a direct link to the guide is immediately available.

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Step 4 - Additional Guide Details

A guide name is required for all forms of guides and tags are optional. We recommend a minimum of a introduction, skill order explaination and build information sections if you are writing a guide and not just an item/ability build. In order for your guide to be typed as a complete guide you will need an ability build, item build and at least 2000 characters in the written section. Use the [h1][/h1] tag to mark new sections which will build the table of contents for your guide. You can link items/abilities/heroes/npcs using the format [type=ID/SHORTNAME], e.g. [item=black-king-bar] or [hero=1].
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